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Privacy Policy

  1. We respect your privacy, no matter where you are or who you are, it's your human right.
  2. All of your private information that is given to our platform including profile details, your name and any infomation that there lies is considered private information, public information is your comments and the public information that you can provide in your profile, all this information will be considered public and you and you alone are responsible for anything that is disclosed by those means.
  3. If you believe that a video in this website infringes your privacy right you can contact us with the following documents:

    » Goverment issued photo ID ( Driver's License, Passport , etc ).
    » Link of the video in question.
    » A brief explanation as to why that video infringes your right of privacy.

  4. All documents must be sent through corporate means and in PDF, TXT or JPG formats.
  5. As stated in the Terms of Use we respect your right NOT to have your private information disclosed or shared with anyone whatsoever.