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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Animmex?
    » Animmex means Animation Express, so why the extra M ? To be honest the domain animex was already taken and because we are so cheap we decided to just get animmex and besides it looks kinda cool.
  2. Another YouTube clone?
    » Absolutely not, they're the real deal we're just a bunch of losers.

  3.  Are you retarded?
    » It goes without saying....
  4. What is the purpose of Animmex?
    » We give the users the freedom to upload anything you want, this is a website that gives everyone a fair chance to be in the first page of the website so everyone can see that they're up to, also we're working on having the best quality possible for our platform including the latest in technology for quality and compression 4K and VP9 (or in case you're from the future, that crappy tiny resolution you remember when they didn't even have virtual reality).

  5. Why is your webside so dark?
    » Because it looks cool and it's better on the eyes, after all you are here to watch videos right? And besides it's a chance for you to troll people so they think you're watching porn because of the dark website.

  6. I use adblock suckers !!!
    » Well we do too! Surprised? We all hate ads don't we? That's why we make SURE that not a single AD in this website (the best we can) is intrusive or harmful to you or your computer, also you might be able to see some ads even if you use adblock that's because of our totally awesome ad platform find out more here

  7. How can I help Animmex?
    » We accept donations (for more info check here ), or you can disable adblock, click our banners and even on some popup/popunder advertised in other websites and besides we all need to feed our cats and pay the bills nothing is free. Also everything you see here just like YouTube and other boring old fashioned websites are made what they are because of YOU, if you ignore every video on YouTube is just a whole bunch of useless code without purpose, so help us by sharing videos, making cool stuff and show everyone what you can do we're giving you the right tool for that, also if you like to do things differently or maybe you're some sort of hippie this is the website for you.

  8. When will this website end?
    » When aliens invade the earth and decide to take over our website even though i think they will have a lot more important things to do before that.

  9. Why am i still reading this?
    » Because i haven't said something like 'this is it for now'.


This is it for now. PS. We know this page is out of date and we haven't had the time to com up with something new but there's a lot of good stuff coming